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Loaded With New
User Friendly Features...

Pie-Register, the quickest and easiest way to brand your Registration Pages on WordPress sites for free!

With a new and improved UI and a multitude of features, Genetech Solutions proudly launches Pie-Register! The fastest way to brand and create your own registration pages for your WordPress websites in a matter of minutes! Creating your registration pages for your WordPress websites has never been this easier! Simply configure your options and easily create impressive registration pages. Your customized Login pages reflect your unique brand identity. You can insert these registration pages anywhere with a simple ShortCode. You can charge your members for membership through Pie-Register's built in PayPal integration. We guarantee safe and secure money transactions. Flaunting new and impressive features including Import & Export users, short codes and various others Pie-Register gives you the authority to customize your registration forms as per your own requirements.

  • Email Templates

    Email Templates

    Don't want to send the same old emails when anybody new registers? With your own From and Reply to address fields, custom-made subject and create the entire message!

  • Notification to Administrator

    Notification to Administrator

    Be notified automatically! The notification to administrator feature enables you to set up an email which will be sent to you automatically after a form submission.

  • Settings


    Your desired settings are just a click away! Configure your preferences from our setting options.

  • Form Editor

    Form Editor

    Want to get in touch with us? Simply fill out our contact form and we will respond to you the earliest possible.

  • Export Users

    Export Users

    Export all users with custom fields with a particular date range in a CSV file!

  • Import Users

    Import Users

    Import your contacts back to another website or to create a backup with a particular Date range in a CSV file.

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